Courtesy call by the CTSAMVM Chairperson, Maj. Gen. Hailu Gonfa Eddosa to the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ethiopia and South Sudan, Her Excellency Ambassador Tamara Mona on 2nd May 2024

During the meeting, the Maj. Gen. Hailu provided an update on Chapter 2 of the R-ARCSS, PCTSA, and the ongoing activities of CTSAMVM. He expressed appreciation to the Swiss government for their consistent backing of the Peace Process in South Sudan, particularly their steadfast political and financial support to CTSAMVM, which has facilitated the fulfillment of its mandate as outlined in Chapter 2 of the R-ARCSS.

The Chairman emphasized the importance of maintaining the ceasefire among the signatory parties as a significant achievement for the peace process. He also expressed concern about the delayed completion of the Unification of the NUF, which is crucial for ensuring a free, fair, and peaceful election. Additionally, the Chairman noted the formidable challenge of conducting credible elections without a resilient and impartial security framework that earns the trust of the electorate.

In response, Ambassador Tamara commended CTSAMVM for its commendable efforts and substantial contribution to the peace process. She affirmed their commitment to advocating for ongoing financial and political support to CTSAMVM.

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