Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks-39TH Board Meeting

Opening Statement


Maj Gen Hailu Gonfa Eddosa

Chairperson CTSAMVM

At the

39th CTSAMVM Board Meeting

Beijing Juba Hotel

27th February, 2024

Your Excellencies,


General Officers,

Distinguished Participants,

The Media,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning. 

  1. Welcome to the 39th CTSAMVM Board Meeting. Since the signing of the R-ARCSS, CTSAMVM has consistently reported that the ceasefire has held.  This is true: the ceasefire has, on the whole, been a success with no major incidents concerning fighting between the Parties to the Agreement. 
  • However, tensions remain and it is of concern that these tensions can and still do result in violence.  At the end of last month there was a serious incident in Unity State, with allegations by the SPLM/A-IO that their positions at Jamous were attacked by the SSPDF, and allegations by the SSPDF that  a convoy which included the Governor and senior personnel from the State Government was attacked by the SPLM/A-IO. Although the situation in the area has become calm, the issues that caused the incident need to be addressed in order to prevent escalation and further violence.
  • It is encouraging that following a fatal incident between the SSPDF garrison in Nassir and local armed youth on 10 February a high-level delegation with representative from all the signatory parties deployed to the area to restore calm and take remedial action. 
  • Civilians continue to suffer as the result of the actions of military personnel.  At the last Board Meeting several members raised the issue of alleged harassment, violence and extortion by SSPDF forces during a disarmament operation in Gondokoro over Christmas and the New Year.  CTSAMVM has completed investigations into these allegations: a report has been prepared, which will be presented at the next Board Meeting once it has been discussed by the CTC.  CTSAMVM is encouraged by reports that the SSPDF has initiated disciplinary proceedings against those involved. 
  • CTSAMVM is also investigating allegations of punitive measures taken by the SSPDF against civilians in the Wonduruba area following an incident on 5 February.
  • Since the last CTSAMVM Board Meeting there have been no further developments regarding the deployment of the NUF or any arrangement being made for Phase 2 Training.  Following the deployment of 6 Phase 1 Battalions of the NUF it is important that momentum is maintained and Phase 2 Training started in order to retain personnel.  Graduates from other services have still yet to be deployed and remain in Training Centres without any definite information about their future.
  • It is vital that the NUF are fully deployed in order to secure the elections planned for December of this year. Time is running out.  Urgent action needs to be taken.
  • I am pleased to report that a Ceasefire Technical Committee meeting was held on 7 February, at which 3 CTSAMVM reports were discussed.  These reports will be presented to you today: one is about an incident at Tonga last October; one concerns incidents in Unity State following the change of allegiance of Lieutenant General Simon Makuek and the third is about another incident of the killing of civilians by the SSPDF.  Key observations from these reports are:
  1. All armed groups which profess allegiance to one of the signatory Parties must be taken under control of that Party.  They should be properly cantoned so that they can take no part in any military operations or activities which could endanger the ceasefire.  
  • One of the reports concerns the killing of unarmed civilians by the SSPDF.  As we discussed at the last Board Meeting 4 out of the 9 reports presented concerned fatal shootings by the SSPDF, and I again would like to emphasise that it is the command responsibility of officers to ensure that soldiers deployed in civilian areas have the training and discipline to prevent such incidents.  
  • At the last Board Meeting I reported the challenges being faced by CTSAMVM due to the reduction in donor support.  As I stated we were planning to close two Monitoring and Verification Teams.  MVTs Torit and Bor are in the process of being closed, although I can assure you that these areas will continue to be covered by other MVTs. CTSAMVM is now reduced to 6 MVTs – the same number it had when first constituted as the MVM in 2014 at a time when the situation was far more challenging than it is now. We have a robust and flexible operations team, and I am confident that CTSAMVM will be able to continue to operate effectively.  I would like to take the opportunity of thanking UNMISS for its continued cooperation and support.
  1. Earlier this month CTSAMVM welcomed 14 new International Observers to replace some of those who left at the beginning of the year.  Our International Observers, together with their National Monitor colleagues, work very hard in the field in order for the Mission to fulfil its mandate. At this Board we have the opportunity to use the results of this hard work to help take the peace process forward.  As always, the advice, direction and opinions of all Board Members is greatly valued.
  1. We will now present the CTSAMVM report, after which we will look forward to a useful and constructive discussion.

I officially declare this meeting open.

Thank you.

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