39th CTSAMVM Board Meeting

(27/02/2024-Juba-South Sudan)-CTSAMVM held its 39th Board meeting today in Juba.

The Board members discussed about the implementation status of the ceasefire, deployment of the Necessary Unified Forces, Occupation of Civilian buildings and CTSAMVM reports.

During his opening remarks, the Chairperson of CTSAMVM, Maj Gen Hailu Gonfa Eddosa said that a Ceasefire Technical Committee meeting was held on 7 February, at which 3 CTSAMVM reports were discussed. 

These reports he said were about an incident at Tonga last October; one concerns incidents in Unity State following the change of allegiance of Lieutenant General Simon Makuek and the third is about another incident of the killing of civilians by the SSPDF. 

Maj gen Hailu Gonfa further said that CTSAMVM is still facing challenges due to reduction in donor support. He said that the mechanism is in the process of closing down two Monitoring and Verification Teams. MVTs Torit and Bor. However, he assured members that these areas will continue to be covered by other MVTs.

“CTSAMVM is now reduced to 6 MVTs – the same number it had when first constituted as the MVM in 2014 at a time when the situation was far more challenging than it is now. We have a robust and flexible operations team, and I am confident that CTSAMVM will be able to continue to operate effectively.”

Among proposed resolutions of the board include, CTSAMVM recommended that the SSPDF holds senior officers to account for the failings of their subordinate officers and soldiers and urged the SSPDF to ensure that all officers and soldiers are given unambiguous rules of engagement.

CTSAMVM urged the JDB to arrange for the immediate deployment of all phase 1 graduates from the police, civil defence, wildlife force, prison service and NSS still in training centres, and also recommended JDB to ensure that phase 1 NUF already deployed receive the logistical support, weapons and salaries necessary for them to operate effectively.

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