Norway and CTSAMVM Sign Agreement for Renewed Funding for CTSAMVM for the Fiscal Year 2023

“We again renew our commitment to CTSAMVM’s mandate in support of the implementation of the peace agreement. We appreciate and put a lot of attention to what CTSAMVM is doing. It is an important mechanism for the mandate of overlooking the ceasefire and has an important part in the international support to the peace agreement in South Sudan,”- Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan.

June 22, 2023, Juba–South Sudan: The Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, Linken Nymann Berryman and the Chairperson of the Ceasefire Transitional Security Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAM-VM), Major General Hailu Gonfa Eddosa today signed a grant agreement for the extension of Norway’s financial support of  NOK 15, 000 000 for CTSAMVM for the fiscal year 2023.

The assistance affirms Norway’s commitment to ensuring CTSAM-VM continues to conduct its critical mission of monitoring and verifying the implementation of the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements (PCTSA).

Maj Gen Hailu Gonfa expressed gratitude to the Norwegian government especially the Norwegian Embassy in Juba for their unwavering support to CTSAMVM over the years.

“With your financial and political support, CTSAMVM has been able to continue the implementation of its mandate in South Sudan. Thank you again for the Aviation support the Norwegian government has extended to CTSAMVM for the years 2023 and 2024.”

Aviation support through UNMISS has enabled CTSAMVM to resume the Monitoring, verification, and reporting activities, especially in the far and hard-to-reach areas of Upper Nile, Unity, and Jonglei states.

He further assured the Ambassador that the Norwegian grant will be utilized as per the approved budget plan anchored on full transparency and accountability.

Ambassador Linken Nymann Berryman underscored the importance of the mechanism in providing accurate reports from the field.

“We look forward to seeing the reports that CTSAMVM will be producing for the next year. This is a continuation of our support to CTSAMVM. We have over several years been supporting CTSAMVM and we continue to do so.”

CTSAMVM has Monitoring and Verification Teams (MVTs) located in 8 of the most conflict-affected areas of the country.

The MVTs patrol their areas of responsibility and gather information on potential violations of the agreement, which they immediately report to their headquarters in Juba for further action.

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