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Press Release
April 12, 2018

CTSAMM reminds all Parties of their obligations under the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities (ACOH) to freeze their forces and seek authorisation from CTSAMM before any military movement.

Juba, 12 April, 2018, Since the signing of the ACOH in December2017, CTSAMM has recorded multiple incidents of unauthorized military movements. Any unauthorized military movement is not only against the spirit and word of the ACOH, but it is also a provocative action which may lead to further violence.


According to the ACOH Parties are obliged to freeze their forces in place in order to avoid further conflict. All parties are also required to provide CTSAMM advance notification of any movement of personnel and equipment. This is a fundamental principle of the ACOH and must be adhered to.


The CTSAMM would like to remind the Parties of their obligations to cease all hostilities and adhere to the provisions of the Agreement of the Cessation of Hostilities (ACOH), including freezing of forces and military movements without prior authority of CTSAMM.


The CTSAMM also reiterates its mandate to freely monitor the implementation of the ACOH as outlined in the agreement. The CTSAMM continues monitoring these developments and will send Monitoring and Verification Teams (MVTs) to the areas affected as soon as possible in order to determine if any violation of the ACOH has taken place. The CTSAMM stresses that any violation is unacceptable and will be referred to the IGAD Council of Ministers and the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission for remedial action and accountability.

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CTSAMVM is an institute of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) signed in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on 12 September 2018.