Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks at the CTSAMVM Technical Committee Meeting-29th July 2022



 Lt Gen Asrat Denero Amad

 Chairperson CTSAMVM


CTSAMV Technical Committee meeting

 Palm Africa Hotel


29 July, 2022


Dear Honorable Senior Party Representatives and CTC members,

RJMEC Representative,

UNMISS Representative,

General Officers and Observers,

CTSAMVM Secretariat,

The Media,

All protocols observed,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good Morning.  

It is my great honor to highly welcome you to this month of CTC meeting.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your presence to address issues affecting the peace process in the Republic of South Sudan.

CTC meeting for the month of June was postponed due to SSOMA National Monitors induction training and some administrative concerns within the mechanism because of the US withdrawal of support.

To begin with, CTSAMVM continues conducting its monitoring, verification and reporting mandate, while reporting to the IGAD and RJMEC.

I also want to take this opportunity to formally inform the members of this CTC meeting that, the Government of the United States of America which has been providing in-kind support, demobilized and withdrew its logistical and personnel support to CTSAMVM effective 4th July 2022. The withdrawal of US government happened at a very critical stage when the mechanism wanted it so much. Especially lack of Aviation support will greatly hamper the proper functioning of CTSAMVM and will result in delayed investigation and reporting.

However, I want to assure this meeting that CTSAMVM will continue to do all that is possible and within the available means to fulfill its mandate.

The tension between the Parties in Unity and Upper Nile States sub-sided to some extent, however, we remain very concerned about the recent reports of tensions between the Parties in Unity State that severely strain the peace process.

New armed clashes occurred between SSPM/SSPA and SSPDF in Mayom County on 22nd July 2022 that killed the County Commissioner of Mayom and other unidentified number of soldiers and civilians. This has aggravated the tension in the area. CTSAMVM will continue monitoring the situation.

CTSAMVM remains concerned about the continual occupation of  Mir Mir, Liang and Jekou Cantonment Sites in Unity and Upper Nile States respectively by SSPDF and/or its affiliates.  These Cantonments Sites were designated for SPLM/A-IO and therefore CTSAMVM appeals to SSPDF to withdraw and allow SPLM/A-IO to re-occupy the areas.

CTSAMVM is also concerned with the current tension in Northern Jonglei State due to suspicious movements and activities of the SSPDF aligned Kit-Gwang elements (SPLM/-IO defectors). Their activities of illegal checkpoints, arrests and over taxation along the Nile in Upper Nile State is likely to provoke hostilities from other Party Signatory armed forces and undermine the peace process. CTSAMVM urges relevant RTGoNU authorities to address the said issue.

The status of permanent ceasefire is significantly holding in most states of the Republic of South Sudan with an exception of inter-communal violence in Jonglei and Eastern Equatoria States. There are isolated incidents of reported violence perpetrated by suspected elements of National Salvation Front (NAS) in Mundri Counties of Western Equatoria State and Yei/Lainya Counties in Central Equatorial State. 

Senior Party representatives

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the combined efforts to include SSOMA into our monitoring structures, CTSAMVM conducted an Induction Workshop for the National Monitors of South Sudan United Front (SSUF/A) and Real SPLM/A in Rome, Italy from 20th -30th June 2022 which was facilitated by the Community of Sant’Egidio. The National Monitors of the two Parties under the umbrella SSOMA will be joining CTSAMVM on 15th August 2022. In this regard, CTSAMVM has been in contact with the Community of Sant’Egidio asking them to engage the leadership of NAS to re-join the Rome Peace Process.

Regarding the implementation of the Pre-Transitional tasks, CTSAMVM teams have visited Cantonment Sites and Training Centres and observed that many trainees had come back in anticipation of graduation at the end of June as earlier announced by RTGoNU. However, most of them have again returned to their homes due to delayed graduation coupled with poor living conditions and logistical challenges in the Training Centres.

CTSAMVM is concerned about the re-occurring security and humanitarian challenges in Eastern Equatoria State caused by clashes between migrant armed cattle keepers and local natives, which has left many civilians displaced, many lives and properties lost. CTSAMVM urges the RTGoNU to find a lasting solution to this problem and calm down the tensions.

CTSAMVM is also concerned about the situation in Warrap State where SSPDF is reportedly disarming armed civilians. CTSAMVM is monitoring the developments and will report accordingly.

Our sectors and MVTs have accomplished most of the investigation tasks assigned to us in the previous CTC meeting. Since the last CTC meeting four violation reports have been written. I want to take this opportunity to thank all our Staff, Senior liaison officers, sectors and MVTs for their tireless efforts.

In conclusion violations against civilians and Armed clashed between the parties continue due to lack of strict control by the Parties on their military personnel and armed groups under their control and influence.

The graduation and deployment of the National Unified Forces is critical for addressing the security issues in the Republic of South Sudan and will be a big step forward for the peace process.

Finally, I ask you all to focus on the information and reports, discuss them in a professional manner and most importantly, come up with realistic solutions to protect the ceasefire and most of all protect the people of South Sudan.

I officially declare this meeting open

 Thank you.