Norway and CTSAMVM Sign Agreement for Renewed Funding of CTSAMVM for the Fiscal Year 2022

“CTSAMVM does important work; monitoring, verifying and reporting on the Ceasefire and the Transitional Security Mechanisms. We depend on timely and accurate reporting from the field, which only CTSAMVM can provide,”- Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan.

May 19, 2022 Juba – South Sudan: The Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, H.E Siv Kaspersen and the Chairperson of the Ceasefire Transitional Security Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAM-VM), Lt Gen Asrat Denero today signed a grant agreement for the extension of Norway’s financial support to CTSAMVM for the fiscal year 2022.

The assistance affirms Norway’s commitment to ensuring CTSAM-VM continues to conduct its critical mission of monitoring and verifying the implementation of the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements (PCTSA).

Lt General Asrat expressed gratitude to the Norwegian Government, and in particular, the Norwegian Embassy in Juba, South Sudan, for the unwavering support rendered to CTSAMVM since 2019.

“We at CTSAMVM are delighted that we continue having your political and financial support even at this critical period of the peace process. The signing of this agreement for the renewed funding of CTSAMVM for the Fiscal Year 2022 is yet another demonstration of the Norwegian government’s strong commitment towards the support of the ongoing peace process and the implementation of the R-ARCSS.”

He further assured H.E the Ambassador that the Norwegian donation will be utilized as per the approved budget plan anchored on full transparency and accountability.

H.E Siv Kaspersen said Norway’s support to CTSAMVM together with other partners is core in helping South Sudanese achieve peace and stability. She underscored the importance of the mechanism in providing accurate reports from the field.

“We are at a critical time for the peace agreement and especially on Chapter 2 the backbone of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. The Transitional period is knowing, and if and at the same time the Ceasefire is coming under increasing pressure in several areas of the country. It is therefore more important than ever that the government of South Sudan, IGAD and the International community act on reports provided by CTSAMVM.”

CTSAMVM has Monitoring and Verification Teams (MVTs) located in 9 of the most conflict affected areas of the country. The MVTs patrol their areas of responsibility and gather information on potential violations of the agreement, which they immediately report to their headquarters in Juba for further action.