Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks at the 30th CTSAMVM Board Meeting-28th April 2022

Opening Remarks


Lt. Gen. Asrat Denero Amad

Chairperson of CTSAMVM 


CTSAMVM Board Meeting No. 30


April  28, 2022


  • Dear Honorable CTSAMVM Board Members
  • Ambassadors,
  • General Officers,
  • CTSAMVM Secretariat,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good Morning.   

It is an honor and privilege for me to welcome you, on behalf of myself and the CTSAMVM family, to this monthly board meeting. I would like to pass my sincere gratitude to you all for your presence to address the issues impacting the peace process in the Republic of South Sudan.

I would also like to express my appreciation to members of the CTC and the Secretariat for crafting the CTC outcomes, draft report, and the agenda for today’s meeting.


  • Honorable Board Members
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

The March 2022 Board meeting was not conducted following the decision by the SPLM/A-IO not to participate in the meetings of the peace mechanisms. However, that deadlock has been broken shortly as a result of the collective effort of the parties. We highly appreciate the lifting by the SPLM/A-IO of the suspension of participation in the meetings.

CTSAMVM also appreciates the efforts of the signatory parties in arriving at a landmark resolution concerning the command structure of the National Unified Forces, the National security, and the Police Force. This is a strategic issue that enhances the progress of the transition.

  • Honorable CTSAMVM Board Members
  • Ladies and Gentlemen

Pertaining to the very critical issue of the permanent ceasefire, there is a concern that the Ceasefire is under pressure and could be fracturing. In this regard, the armed clashes in Unity and Upper Nile States between Parties Signatory to R-ARCSS can be mentioned.

There is tension in Unity State since Mir Mir Cantonment Site was overrun on 11 February by Kit-Gwang elements & armed youth. The armed clashes had spread to Mayendit and Leer counties and there were reports of continuous attacks from 4th to 8th April in the Koch and Mayendit Counties on SPLM/A-IO forces and Leer population in Leer County.

The situation in the counties of, Maban, Maiwut, and Longechuk in Upper Nile State also remains tense following the fighting in these areas since February 2022.

There are also reported incidents in Central and Western Equatoria States.  Since the last Board meeting, CTSAMVM has received reports of at least 8 alleged incidents, including the ambush and destruction of two MSF vehicles near Yei on 28 February 2022.

The details of these clashes and incidents will be presented in our report.

Regarding the implementation of the Pre-Transitional tasks, CTSAMVM continues to visit Cantonment Sites and Training Centers. The Agreement on the Unification of Forces’ High Command calls for the JDB to complete the arrangements for graduation and deployment of forces within two months of the agreement. CTSAMVM will highly appreciate this historical move and will continue to monitor it.

Honorable CTSAMVM Board Members,

The discussions, synergies, and decisions we will have during this Monthly Meeting are quite indispensable and will have a vital contribution to the implementation of the peace process. We expect that each of us will address the truth and the facts by being independent, neutral, and impartial with no other considerations.

As you may notice from the agenda, we have very important items to cover. I am very confident that we will achieve the objectives of this meeting in the dedicated time.

I therefore officially declare this meeting open. 

Thank you.