Chairmans’ Opening Remarks at CTSAMVM Board Meeting No. 27- Dec 06 2021

Opening Remarks 



Chairperson of CTSAMVM 


CTSAMVM Board Meeting No. 27


December 6, 2021




General Officers,

Distinguished Delegates,

Chief of Staff,

CTSAMVM Secretariat,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning.


Before I begin my remarks, I want to take this opportunity to introduce our new Chief of Staff retired Brigadier General Arun Pal. We are happy to have you at CTSAMVM and we are fully confident that  you will contribute your part to CTSAMVM and the peace process as we welcome you to your first Board meeting today.

It is an honour and privilege for me to welcome you all, on behalf of myself and the CTSAMVM family, to this monthly board meeting. I am glad that our board regularly meets monthly as outlined in its terms of reference. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for your presence to address the issues impacting the peace process in the Republic of South Sudan and for your understanding to postpone the Board Meeting so that I could attend the meeting in Kampala last week on the way forward for the R-ARCSS.

Thank you to everyone participating in this meeting, the honorary board members and the observers.  Besides, I would like to express my appreciation to members of the CTC and the Secretariat for crafting the CTC outcomes, draft report and the agenda for today’s meeting.




Ladies and Gentlemen


The agenda for today’s meeting includes the following areas:

First, the current status of the Permanent Ceasefire which includes a brief mention of Tambura and alleged incidents involving NAS in Central Equatoria;

Second, the status of implementation of the Transitional Security Arrangements;

Third, violation reports since the last board meeting on October 27, 2021;

Fourth, a more in-depth briefing on Tambura, the status of Magenis and issues involving denial of access; and

Fifth, incidents and updates since the last board meeting.

Starting with the permanent ceasefire, CTSAMVM has identified no verified clashes, in general, between the parties-signatory to the R-ARCSS since the last board meeting. The situation in Tambura is currently stable with some NGOs resuming operations, although the humanitarian situation remains dire. The forces of Maj Gen James Nando have relocated to Maridi and the SPLM/A-IO forces are also relocating there but at a slow pace.  The Balanda forces led by Angelo Davido have yet to assemble. CTSAMVM as we discussed at the last board meeting has been closely monitoring the situation in Tambura.   At this meeting, you will be briefed in greater detail about CTSAMVM’s efforts and observations about Tambura.

CTSAMVM continues commending the JDB for their efforts in de-escalating the situation in Tambura and for the public rally it held on November 10th to address the concerns of the public in Tambura. As we did at the last board meeting, we call upon IGAD and RJMEC to urge the Parties to continue relocating all the warring forces away from Tambura.

Since the last meeting, there have been three incidents allegedly involving NAS forces in Central Equatoria that CTSAMVM has been made aware of; one alleged incident involves a reported attack on an SSPDF position in Lainya on the 5th of November 2021.  We are investigating this incident which reportedly resulted in the death of three (3) SSPDF soldiers and one (1) civilian. CTSAMVM greatly appreciates the decision by the government to resume the Rome peace talk process without preconditions, as these incidents allegedly involving NAS have a negative impact on  security in some parts of the country.

Pertaining to the status of implementation, you will also receive an update on the status of the critical pre-transitional tasks of cantonment and training of the Necessary Unified Forces and also the vacation of civilian-occupied buildings. Since the last board meeting, the very dire situation at the cantonment sites continues with a lack of food and medicines.

Regarding the training centers, CTSAMVM has observed little positive progress. The three regional committees of the JDB responsible for assessing the situation in training centers in order to start processing the forces for graduation have yet to start because of resources. However, we note that the leadership of the SPLM/A-IO has resolved to dispatch its components of the committees to the training centers to screen and re-organize the SPLM/A-IO forces without waiting for the required resources. CTSAMVM stands ready to assist with air transport if the names of the screening teams are provided in advance for vetting.

Since our last meeting, one (1) of the civilian buildings occupied by the SSPDF has been vacated. However, CTSAMVM has identified five (5) more civilian buildings which have now been occupied, four (4) by the SPLM/A-IO and one (1) by the SSPDF. This will be discussed in detail.

Our briefing also includes one violation report concerning the arrest and detention of one SPLM/A-IO officer as well as two civilians by SSPDF in Eastern Equatoria State in September 2021.

Pertaining to incidents and updates since the last board meeting, various issues will be discussed in detail during our briefing.


Your Excellencies,





Ladies and Gentlemen,

As usual, CTSAMVM highly values your opinions and recommendations, so our expectations are as always that you conduct yourselves in order to address the truth and the facts by being independent, neutral, and impartial with no other considerations. This is history to all of us and also will highly benefit the peace process of the Republic of South Sudan greatly. As always, I request you contribute your part which directly impacts the peace process of this country, South Sudan.

As you may notice from the agenda, we have very important items to cover. I am very confident that we will achieve the objectives of this meeting in the dedicated time.

I officially declare this meeting open.

Thank you.