Chairman’s Opening Remarks to CTSAMVM Technical Committee Meeting 21st October 2021

Opening Remarks
Chairperson of CTSAMVM
The CTSAMVM Technical Committee Meeting
October 21, 2021

Dear Senior Party Representatives and CTC members,
CTSAMVM Deputy Chairperson,
RJMEC Representative and IGAD Special Envoy Representative,
CTSAMVM Secretariat,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning.

It is my great pleasure to highly welcome you to this CTC meeting. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for your presence to address the issues affecting the peace process of South Sudan.

The agenda for today’s meeting includes updates on the following areas:  First, the current status of the Permanent Ceasefire which includes the issues in Tambura and Magenis; Second, the implementation of the Transitional Security Arrangements; Third, violation reports since the last CTC on September 24 and Fourth, incidents and Updates.

To begin with the permanent ceasefire, CTSAMVM has identified no verified clashes, in general, among the parties-signatory to the R-ARCSS. However, as discussed at the last CTC meeting, the level of violence in the Tambura area remains a serious concern, though the intervention of the JDB is to some extent contributing in terms of stabilising the situation. CTSAMVM has been closely monitoring the situation by maintaining contact with relevant military and civil authorities in Tambura and Western Equatoria. At this meeting, you will be briefed in more detail about the current situation in Tambura and on the efforts CTSAMVM has made to monitor the situation.

CTSAMVM commends the JDB for deploying the Select Committee to Tambura and for the inclusive rally it held on October 18th to address the warring factions. As we did during the last CTC meeting, we call upon IGAD and RJMEC to urge the Parties to ensure their military forces do not get involved in committing violence, and that all stakeholders implement measures to diffuse the tension and facilitate the relocation of the warring forces away from Tambura.

Since the last CTC, there continue to be reports of violence in Upper Nile State, with clashes between different SPLM/A-IO factions in the Magenis area, and reports of clashes in Pieri Cantonment Site in Jonglei State between the factions.

Pertaining to MAGENIS mission, approval and clearances to access MAGENIS was sought from the Republics of Sudan and approval was received on 30 September 2021 that enabled the detailed planning process to continue including route planning with air craft support from UNMISS.

Once the planning was complete, CTSAMVM wrote to the Embassy of Sudan in Juba confirming the route and requesting support in terms of force protection at MAGENIS and landing sites. Unfortunately, CTSAMVM has been informed by the Military that there is no guarantee for safety and therefore unable to proceed with the mission at the moment. CTSAMVM has reported this concern to the IGAD and RJMEC.

As we been reporting since March 2020, the issue of changes of allegiance has led to difficulties that critically affect the very vital peace process. At the last CTC we highlighted the changes of allegiance from the SPLM/A-IO to the SSPDF in Upper Nile State which reportedly resulted in clashes between factions. Besides, at this meeting you will learn about the situation in the Hai Khamsin Wau area where a group of soldiers from the SPLM/A-IO changed allegiance to the SSPDF and occupied residential area since 18 February 2020.

CTSAMVM has been monitoring the situation in the area since the event, regarding the activities of the group between February 2020 to September 2021. You will learn more about this in the discussion.

You will also receive an update on the implementation of the critical pre-transitional tasks of cantonment and training of the Necessary Unified Forces and the vacation of civilian occupied buildings. Since the last CTC, CTSAMVM has received reports which clearly shows the prevalence of logistic support constraints in all training centers and cantonment sites. However, three of the thirteen training center commanders reported receiving food items. Besides, pertaining the graduation of the unified force CTSAMVM attended a meeting with the First Vice President H.E Dr Riek Machar on October 12th and briefed on the government plans for proceeding with the graduation of the Necessary Unified Force. At the event, CTSAMVM has been requested to provide transport support vital for the process. CTSAMVM has confirmed its readiness to provide the support as long as the vetting requirements are fulfilled.

Concerning occupation of Civilian buildings, two occupied buildings have been vacated since the last CTC. This brings the total number of occupied buildings down to ten, This will be discussed in detail.

Our briefing also includes one violation report concerning the rape of a woman in Western Equatoria attributed to SPLM/A-IO on September 8th.

Dear Senior Party Representatives and CTC members,
Dear Generals,
IGAD and RJMEC Representatives,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As usual CTSAMVM highly values your opinions and recommendations, then our expectations are as always that you conduct yourselves in order to address the truth and the facts by being independent, neutral and impartial with no other considerations. This is your history and will benefit your people greatly. As always, I request you contribute your part which directly impacts the peace process in your country, South Sudan. We look forward to a constructive and successful meeting today.

I officially declare this meeting open. Thank you.