CTSAMVM Chairperson paid a courtesy call to the Chargé ď affaires of the United States Embassy in Juba

On Tuesday, 10 August 2021, the CTSAMVM Chairperson Maj Gen Teshome Gemechu accompanied by the Deputy Chairperson Maj Gen Dafaalla Hamid Mohamed Dafaalla and Louis De Leon, CTSAMVM Office of the Secretariat, paid a courtesy call to the Chargé ď affaires of the United States Embassy in Juba, Ambassador Larry André.

The CTSAMVM Chairperson expressed his sincere appreciation for the strong and large support provided by the United States Government to CTSAMVM to include one fixed wing and two rotary wing aircraft, both rent of the Headquarters building and accommodations in Juba. The United States has been a significant donor and important partner to CTSAMVM since its inception as the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism and has continued to provide crucial support since the signing of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS). The CTSAMVM Chairperson emphasized the in-kind support provided to CTSAMVM especially aviation support which greatly assists the operation of the mission.  CTSAMVM would not have the capacity to perform its crucial mandate without such aviation support.

The Chairperson kindly requested that the critical support provided by the United States continue so that CTSAMVM can monitor and verify as well as report on compliance with the Peace Agreement for a fruitful resolution and peaceful outcome in South Sudan. Lastly, the Chairperson stressed that CTSAMVM continues to perform its mandate in an impartial, independent and neutral manner to successfully achieve its mandate which directly contributes to the peace process for the lovely nation of South Sudan.