PRESS STATEMENT- CTSAMVM Trains New Observers prior to their deployment

PRESS STATEMENT- CTSAMVM Trains New Observers prior to their deployment

CTSAMVM conducted an induction training for 24 new International Observers and 2 national monitors from 08 March –16 March 2021, in Juba, South Sudan. The aim of the workshop was to train and equip the International Observers with the necessary knowledge on CTSAMVM Mandate, especially during the Transitional Period of the R-ARCSS, Mission, Policies as well as the general conduct of operations prior to their deployment.

The main objectives of the workshop were as follows:

To equip inductees with knowledge about the CTSAMVM mandate of monitoring, verification compliance and reporting on the progress of the implementation of the Permanent Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements (PCTSA) as stipulated in R-ARCSS of 12 September 2018.

To develop the inductees’ understanding of the different Peace Agreements including the Agreement of the Cessation of Hostilities, Protection of  Civilians and Humanitarian Access of 21 December 2017 and its applicability.

To develop the inductees ‘understanding of the CTSAMVM organization, mission and MVT operations including the roles of each member.

To acquaint inductees with knowledge of the Code of Conduct, reporting procedures and other policies, procedures, and directives associated with CTSAMVM operations.

To equip the inductees with knowledge about Sexual and Gender Based Violence including reporting procedures and to create awareness of the importance of engaging with Civil Society.

After the self-study and induction training, the International Observers are expected to have an understanding of CTSAMVM, its mandate, structure and the reporting process as well as the other topics covered during the workshop.  Their understanding will contribute to the implementation of the CTSAMVM mandate and its operations in support of the peace process in South Sudan.

The closing ceremony was held on 17th March with the Chairperson of CTSAMVM, Major General Teshome Gemechu Aderie thanking each observer for their dedication and enthusiasm to contribute in the peace process in South Sudan.

He further added that the International Observers continue to learn from everyone, cooperate with the National Monitors and do their jobs in a very professional manner.

Major General Teshome reiterated that the International observers should remember that when in South Sudan they are looked upon as ambassadors of IGAD and that they represent their countries.